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Next Generation IEX Column Technology

Non-Porous Polymeric Particles

  • Non-porous polymeric particles minimize analyte band spread and enhance mAb separations
  • Optimal sulfonic acid ligand grafting and hydrophilic surface chemistry for superior component recovery, peak shape, and resolution
  • A 3 μm particle size affording columns with low backpressures amenable to use on UPLC, UHPLC or HPLC systems
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BioResolve SCX particle

Featured Application Notes

Designing a New Particle Technology for Robust Charge Variant Analysis of mAbs


Development of pH Gradient Mobile Phase Concentrates for Robust, High Resolution mAb Charge Variant Analysis


Development of Monoclonal Antibody Charge Variant Analysis Methods Using a BioResolve SCX mAb Column



Advances in IEX for mAb Charge Variant Analysis
BioPharm International Webinar sponsored by Waters

Presenters: Qi Wang, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Waters Corporation and Hua Yang, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Waters Corporation

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