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What happens if you miss a peak or co-elution in your sample?

Conquer Co-Elutions

Eliminate the unknown using mass spectral data – even when there’s no UV response.

Reduce the number of standards and re-runs needed to confirm the identity and homogeneity of peaks.

Above all, have the confidence and certainty that there are no hidden analytes in your samples, without the need to enlist the mass spectrometry lab and wait for results.

Enhance your Abilities

How much more could you do if you could speed up method development?

Master Method Development

Develop separations methods faster because confirmatory standard runs are no longer required – thanks to the presence of mass spectral data to track and confirm the identity of compounds.

Doing so in the same analysis, while optimizing your chromatography, and in the same data processing workflow means a much simpler route to confident results.


How do you see analytes with no UV chromaphore?

Be a Mass Detective

Complement data from optical detectors with mass spectral data to significantly reduce the chance that a sample component will go undetected.

Extend your analytical capability to confirm or quantify compounds, even for those with no UV response


What if you could have all the answers right away?

Become a Workflow Warrior

Consolidate multi-detector methods into the same analysis, with the same chromatography and in the same data processing workflow.

Eliminate inefficiencies and delays with increased selectively of mass detection. Obtain the correct results quickly and easily without having to send your work to other laboratories for analysis. Make confident decisions in real time.


With great detection power comes great possibilities for Chromatographers.

Add mass detection information to your separations to gain certainty in your results and accomplish more every day.

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This is the mass detector that we’ve been waiting for. This is a small, easy to use MS detector.
Thomas Mahoney, Select Science Review
The ACQUITY QDa Detector has been specifically designed for Chromatographers. It is as easy to use as an optical detector and does not necessitate specific training or expertise. The detector is well adapted to speed up the method development process through efficient peak tracking and minimizes the risk of coelution.
Davy Guillarme, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Universities of Geneva & Lausanne

Accessing mass data has never been easier for chromatographers

As easy as an optical detector

Calibration check at power on

Pre-optimised settings

Switch off after use

Simple plumbing and user maintenance

Minimal training

Plug and perform

Intuitive software

Mass data displayed clearly on chromatographic peaks

Expansion made affordable

Fully integrates with your current Waters equipment

Takes up no additional bench space

Less cost and complexity than traditional mass spectrometry

Every hero needs a sidekick

Adding QDa to existing Waters systems

It’s obvious – combining the best will get you better results. Add the power of the Waters ACQUITY QDa Detector to an Alliance HPLC, ACQUITY UPLC, ACQUITY UPC2, Purification System or the new ACQUITY Arc UHPLC to gain a greater depth of information and confidence without the cost and complexity of traditional mass spectrometry.

With great detection power comes great possibilities. Become a Chromatography Hero with the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector.

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