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In the arena of scientific discovery, the slow pace of advancement and escalating costs of research can prove challenging. New analytical approaches that foster productivity and conduct research in an efficient manner whilst remaining cutting edge are key to the achievement of ambitious technical goals and ensuring there are no bottlenecks in the path to discovery.

The SYNAPT XS High Definition mass spectrometer provides ultimate flexibility, enabling greater freedom of analytical choice to support scientific creativity and technical success for any application.

Without efficient, expedient discovery the scientific translation process is obstructed, ultimately hindering the creation and improvement of preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions for human health and advancement.  Our commitment to produce better science through better data is designed into the inherent reproducibility and repeatability of the SYNAPT XS, both day to day and instrument to instrument.  Providing validity of experimentation that can be trusted, expediting the discovery process and allowing confident forward movement towards innovation.

SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS – for Leading Researchers in Academia and Industry

As the leader in ion mobility technology we have collaborated with leading researchers to develop a revolutionary next generation mass spectrometer.

The SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS combines novel cyclic ion mobility separation with modern, high performance, state-of-the-art time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Extending the benefits of routine ion mobility, the cyclic device provides variable, high-resolution ion mobility separations and introduces the unique ability to perform ion mobility/ion mobility and IMSn experiments. Collectively, these developments enable leading scientists to advance cutting-edge research, translating new knowledge and innovations directly into practice.

Ultimate power, ultimate performance. Redefine the boundaries of science.

The BioAccord System

The BioAccord™ System is a compact high-performing LC-MS system, purposefully designed as an easy-to-use, integrated, and compliance-ready biopharma solution.  Differentiated by its innovative features, this system enables bench scientists to efficiently obtain reproducible, high-quality data.

The system was designed to give more scientists access to high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry capabilities and enable more effective analysis of biotherapeutic protein attributes across development, manufacturing, and quality control organizations.

By listening to scientists and recognizing and understanding their challenges, Waters has developed a system that provides a new level of user experience resulting in reduced training, time savings, and the confidence in reproducible results to eliminate bottlenecks and speed up decision-making.

Featured Solutions


Routinely characterize your samples with Waters high resolution mass spectrometers combining proven technology with software tools to get the right result the first time in your lab. The Xevo™ G2-XS QTof has proven technology that simultaneously delivers superior qualitative and quantitative performance, integrated with Waters’ industry-leading separations solutions, delivering the highest quality, most comprehensive information.

Do you have the vision to see what others don’t see? The risk of not seeing everything in your sample – or not seeing everything clearly – can be high, especially if this results in incorrect identifications or time-consuming additional confirmatory experiments. VionTM IMS QTof dramatically reduces this risk as it has the sensitivity and dynamic range to make ion mobility quantitative and routinely usable, enabling you to:

  • Reduce the risk of missed metabolites in DMPK analyses
  • Overcome complex and complicated matrices in food analysis
  • Generate high-quality peptide mapping data for Biopharma

Interpreting your data is easier than ever before; find, identify, and quantify your analytes confidently, enabling faster method development and higher sample throughput.


The Xevo TQ-XS, Xevo TQ-S micro, and Xevo TQD are the analytical tools of choice for all of your quantitative UPLC-MS/MS applications. Xevo instruments are engineered to deliver confidence by delivering reproducible and accurate quantitative data. This is further enhanced through Waters’ service and application support, unrivalled system versatility and operational simplicity. Whatever field you are in, there is a Xevo to suit your requirements: Xevo TQD – accessible, reliable and proven; Xevo TQ-S micro – sensitive, reliable, and compact; and Xevo TQ-XS – ultimate sensitivity and reliability.

Demands to meet regulations are increasing pressure on food safety laboratories, and in order to meet these challenges laboratories must be able to develop and run methods that provide high-quality, consistent results, day in and day out.

The Xevo TQ-GC Mass Spectrometry System is a tandem quadrupole GC-MS/MS system that allows routine quantitation of multiple contaminants in matrix sample. Specifically designed for food safety and quality laboratories, the system delivers consistent high performance allowing regulatory limits to be comfortably passed and reducing the need for frequent user intervention and re-optimization. User centred, database-driven workflows allow rapid, customizable method development enabling laboratories to respond quickly to changes in legislative demands.

Mass Detection

Waters’ innovative single quadrupole mass detectors make access to mass spectral data easy for scientists with all levels of expertise. Designed for compatibility with UPLC, UPC2, HPLC, UHPLC, and AutoPurification, the ACQUITY QDa Detector and the SQ Detector 2 (SQD2) are robust enough to handle all your analyses. Fitting seamlessly within an ACQUITY LC stack, the ACQUITY QDa Detector has rapidly become the industry’s most accessible and intuitive mass detector. The SQD 2 is compatible with a broad range of ionization options to provide a versatile detector for the widest range of analytes.

To capture the benefits of mass data without the challenges associated with the adoption of mass spectrometry, recent advances in technology have focused on improving instrument usability and robustness. The innovative ACQUITY QDa Detector makes access to mass spectral data easy for laboratories with all levels of expertise, from teaching students about the fundamentals of mass spectrometry to enhancing confidence in compound identification for routine users. Our Practical MS Education Package helps to prepare students for industry with hands-on mass spectrometry experience. All the equipment and materials needed to support tutors in delivering theoretical and practical sessions have been brought together in a convenient package. The aim is to provide students with the opportunity to generate and interpret mass data themselves as part of their undergraduate course.

Direct Sample Analysis

Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART®) from IonSense®, coupled with the ACQUITY QDa Detector provides a rapid, easy-to-use system for direct-MS analysis of food and beverages. Now compatible with LiveID™ Software for real-time sample recognition, this system enables users to get from analysis to decision making in seconds. Designed for application areas where expedient classification is required, the workflow can reduce sample preparation requirements and deliver a simple yes/no result output. It is ideal for answering questions such as: Is the sample authentic? Has the composition of the sample changed? Is the sample of good or bad quality?

Sample preparation can be a challenging part of the analytical process. In recent years, Waters has released two new research systems incorporating ionization sources that generate ions directly at the sample surface – minimizing or even eliminating sample preparation. The REIMS™ Research System with iKnife™ Sampling brings rapid evaporative ionization to real-world applications such as food research. Using intuitive, workflow-based informatics tools, scientists can quickly highlight differences between samples, and confidently identify the compounds responsible. Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging uniquely combines DESI and MALDI capabilities with ion mobility separation for advanced molecular imaging; researchers can pinpoint the distribution of large and small molecules within tissue samples and identify different tissue types based on their molecular composition.

Universal Ion Sources

Waters’ Universal Ion Source Architecture enables the widest range of ionization techniques to be utilized universally across a single analytical platform. The ionization source options are quick and easy to interchange, enabling scientists to achieve the highest performance, without compromise. Waters ever-growing range of source options include LockSpray, Nano-LockSpray, and ASAP, as well as:

  • UniSpray – now enabling the detection of a wider range of compounds in a single analysis across our MS instrument platforms.
  • ionKey – which dramatically enhances sensitivity for quantitative and qualitative LC-MS analyses through integration of microscale UPLC separation into the source.
  • APGC – enabling rapid switching from LC-MS/MS to GC-MS/MS applications on a single instrument platform for the analysis of volatile and semi-volatile compounds of low and intermediate polarity.

Laboratory Informatics

Waters’ Laboratory Informatics converts scientific data into useful information to drive your business success. It comprises a powerful suite of solutions for instrument control, scientific data management, scientific search, network integration, and compliance management to streamline analytical laboratory operations.

  • UNIFI Scientific Information System is an integrated workflow focused, data platform that delivers significant productivity improvements and seamlessly combines LC, MS, and data management into a single software platform.
  • Increase the speed to convert sample data into valuable knowledge with MassLynx Software, providing the fundamental platform to acquire, manage, and share mass spectrometry information.
  • Supporting all common vendor data formats, Progenesis QI Software helps you rapidly, objectively, and reliably discover compounds or proteins of interest with the capability to handle large sample sets typical of today’s experiments.
  • Symphony Software is a client/server application, triggered by a MassLynx acquisition that allows the automation of one or more data handling or processing functions in a sequence, enabling laboratories to extract the maximum value from their LC-MS instrumentation.
  • LiveID Software enables the real-time classification of samples using direct analysis MS – receive information immediately at the time of analysis, providing informed, real-time, decision making, and removing doubt from sample identity. provides accessible and easy-to-use application programming interfaces (APIs), data formats, and core product functionality that extend our solutions and reduce the complexity, time, and effort required to interface with other information systems and vendor products.

Chromatographic Separation and Sample Preparation

Chemistry Consumables and Standards

Waters provides enabling technologies with products that set the industry standard for performance, reproducibility, and quality.

  • LC Columns – a full selection of UPLC, UHPLC, HPLC, GPC, SEC, and other columns for all your methods development, validation, and transfer needs.
  • Sample Preparation Products – proven tools that enhance your LC-MS and GC-MS analyses.
  • Certified Reference Materials, Standards, Controls, and Reagents – specifically designed to complement LC and LC-MS technologies, allowing you to save time and gain confidence in your analyses.
  • Vials, Plates, and Certified Containers – providing you with confidence in your sample analyses.

Waters Automation Solutions

Waters Automation Solutions include consumables purposefully designed for automation platforms to streamline complicated workflows. In collaboration with Andrew Alliance, Tecan, and Hamilton for the GlycoWorks™ RapiFluor-MS™ and ProteinWorks™ Kits, the offering includes valued support for automation in the form of detailed workstation layouts and base scripts for easy method implementation.

Leasing and Financing

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