Uwe D. Neue Award

Waters is proud to announce that Andrew Alpert, Ph.D is the recipient of this year’s 5th Annual Uwe D. Neue Award.

 Andrew Alpert received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Purdue University in 1980, under the direction of Dr. Fred Regnier. After two post-doctoral fellowships at Baylor College of Medicine he started his own company, PolyLC Inc., in 1985. The company’s specialty has been the development of new modes of chromatography and the materials with which to implement them, with emphasis on applications involving proteins and peptides. These include the SCX-RPC sequence developed in 1988 for fractionation of complex peptide mixtures, a sequence applied ten years later to the development of bottom-up proteomics. Hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) was introduced by Dr. Alpert as a general-purpose mode in 1990. Other innovations attributed to him include the first well-performing, reproducible materials for anion- and cation-exchange HPLC of proteins, and new materials for Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) that can be used with volatile solvents for top-down proteomics. Several of his papers have addressed the mechanisms involved in chromatography. In addition to their applications in proteomics, materials produced by PolyLC are widely used for clinical applications, especially hemoglobin variants, and quality control analysis of proteins and polypeptides.

Dr. Alpert’s CV includes 3 patents, 5 book chapters and over 30 peer-reviewed papers.

The Uwe D. Neue Award was created to recognize scientists that have made and continue to make significant contributions to the field of separation science, in honor of the legacy of Dr. Uwe D. Neue, late scientist and Waters® Corporate Fellow. The award will honor a distinguished industrial scientist, 15-20 years or more after receiving his or her degree, who has made a significant contributions to the field of separation science. In addition, the awardee should be an scientist, and one who is instrumental in the embodiment of technology in commercial products.

Past awardees:
HPLC 2013: Dr. Jack Kirkland
HPLC 2014: Dr. Gerard Rozing
HPLC 2015: Dr. Mark Schure
HPLC 2016: Dr. Lloyd Snyder