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What’s the right quaternary LC for your analysis?



Routine analysis

0.010 to 10.000 mL/min

5,000 psi

1 fluid path

Optical detection

≥4.6 mm optimal column I.D.

The time-tested, reliable workhorse for your HPLC separations – that isn’t going away any time soon.

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Acquity Arc


Routine analysis | QA/QC
Method transfer

0.001 to 5.000 mL/min

9,500 psi

2 fluid paths

Optical detection

2.1-4.6 mm optimal column I.D.

A versatile LC platform for laboratories in need of a solution to replicate or improve HPLC methods.

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Acquity H-Class UPLC


Routine analysis | Complex samples
Method development

0.001 to 2.200 mL/min

15,000 psi

1 fluid path

Optical detection | ACQUITY QDa
Inlet to MS

1-3 mm optimal column I.D.

Run true UPLC separations with the flexibility of quaternary solvent management.

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Let’s talk about finding the LC that’s right for your lab.

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What truly defines separation performance?

The right system dispersion.

LC system dispersion

With the right column.

LC column performance

And the right characteristics.

LC performance characteristics

Lower system dispersion means better performance.

To truly take advantage of the separation power of your LC column, you need a system designed to match its performance.

LC column performance

Competitor B
UHPLC System
High dispersion
Low performance

H-Class System
Low dispersion
High performance

The result? A better separation.

Consider the entire cost of your assets.

Upfront cost is one consideration. But the savings in solvent use, run time, and power consumption can be drastic in considering your total cost of ownership over the lifetime of your LC.

Consider your cost of ownership…

LC cost of ownership

…by considering your cost of analysis.

LC cost of analysis

Alliance HPLC System

  • Integrated solvent and sample management to ensure consistent system-to-system performance and high reproducibility

  • Flexibility for analyzing a wide variety of sample type, under many different conditions, with ease

  • Wide range of detection capabilities

  • Wide range of columns, sample preparation devices, and accessories

Product Info and Application Notes
Alliance HPLC system
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Always get the same results – no matter the year, no matter the system.

HPLC system results

Alliance HPLC System
manufacture date
December, 2006.

HPLC system results

Alliance HPLC System
manufacture date
January, 2013.

Acquity Arc logo

ACQUITY Arc System

  • Provides plug-and-play method compatibility with established HPLC methods and newer UHPLC methods with selectable dwell volume

  • Improve productivity with modern UHPLC columns

  • Switch to more efficient UHPLC methods with the flip of a switch
  • Simple and efficient method transfer by emulating system volume and gradient formation

  • XP 2.5 µm  and CORTECS 2.7  µm Columns provide added flexibility to  improve productivity at intermediate backpressures

Product Info and Application Notes
Acquity Arc LC system
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Easily replicate your HPLC methods from any LC system. At the same conditions. With the same column.

Agilent LC system

Agilent LC System

Acquity Arc LC methods

ACQUITY Arc System

Acquity UPLC H-Class


  • Low-dispersion system delivers true UPLC performance to improve chromatographic resolution, increase sensitivity, and help improve your sample throughput

  • Range of features and tools to give you the maximum versatility for method development

  • Only LC system with a wide range of detection options, specifically optimized for UPLC performance

  • Ideally suited as an inlet to mass spectrometry with the highest flexibility for method optimization

  • More than 200 combinations of UPLC column configurations and chemistries with eCord technology

Product Info and Application Notes
Acquity UPLC H-Class
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Run your HPLC and UHPLC methods today. Transition to more efficient UPLC separations when you’re ready.

ACQUITY UPLC H-Class methods

2.1 x 50 mm, 1.7 µm

ACQUITY Arc LC methods

3.0 x 75 mm, XP 2.5 µm

Alliance HPLC methods

Alliance HPLC
4.6 x 100 mm, 3.5 µm

Let’s talk about finding the LC that’s right for your lab.

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