It shouldn’t matter if your analysis is performed in the lab down the hall or the lab around the world.


If you could follow a method through its lifecycle, what would you learn?

In this time of constant change, you face increasing sample complexity, tighter regulatory constraints, and developmental phases that span countries, contractors, and organizations. To surmount these challenges, you need methods that don’t just transfer. At Waters, we help you create more elegant routes from Point A to Point FDA and beyond. Ensuring your data will unite you and your collaborator, the transferring lab and the receiving lab. Now and in the future.

Blog Series: What’s Changing Analytical Method Transfer Today?

There’s a new analytical testing landscape taking shape, and it’s having a bit effect on how we develop, transfer, and update methods. Data quality and business efficiency are both at stake. Are you ready? Let’s find out. This new series explores the drivers, challenges, and payoffs you face, whether your analytical method is bound for the lab down the hall, or the lab halfway around the world.

New Technologies, New Opportunities

Your analytical method may well have a long and useful life ahead of it – as long as the lifetime of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, or other product you may be creating the method for.

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More of Them, More Specialized

As the average cost and specialization needed to bring a drug to market increases past the $2 billion mark, the number of partner organizations will increase as well. Meaning: If you’re an analytical or QC scientist, get ready for more method transfers between organizations.

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Methods Across Borders

A scientist at a major global pharma company estimated that an analytical method could see 50, 60, or even up to 100 transfers in its lifetime. Increasingly, such transfers will take place across geographic borders.

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Time, Cost, Risk, Change.

What’s New

Guidelines, Technologies and Techniques for Successful Analytical Method Transfer

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Testing and Troubleshooting Liquid Chromatography Method Transfer Article

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Application Notes



Solid-core particle technology in 1.6 µm and 2.7 micron enables new levels of efficiency and performance in HPLC, UHPLC and UPLC. Chemistries include C18, C18+, T3, C8, Shield RP18, Phenyl & HILIC.

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Controls even more LC and GC instruments, and includes integrated applications such as dissolution, method validation, chemical structures, and polymer analysis. Provides key chromatography performance dashboards and access from a tablet or smartphone.

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Easily accepts and replicates methods from any HPLC platform, without compromise. A versatile, modern LC system that delivers HPLC and UHPLC method compatibility at the flip of a switch.

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ACQUITY QDa Detector is a mass detector built around the needs of analytical scientists for chromatographic analysis. Robust, reliable and requiring no sample adjustments, it integrates with your current LC, ACQUITY UPLC, UPC2 and purification systems.

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