Clinical Research Product Highlights


Waters new family of protein bioanalysis sample preparation kits for clinical research.

ProteinWorks™ eXpress Digest Kits simplify and accelerate protein digestion, streamlining and standardizing the traditionally complex pre-analytic workflow for LC-MS protein quantification in the clinical research laboratory via the surrogate peptide approach. The ProteinWorks μElution SPE Kit is designed for post-digestion cleanup, increasing analytical sensitivity and improving system robustness by removing excess digest reagents, phospholipids, and other plasma and serum components.

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BIOCRATES Life Sciences

Waters has partnered with BIOCRATES Life Sciences to provide end-to-end mass spectrometry-based targeted metabolomics solutions for biomedical research.

Biocrates Metabolic Phenotyping kits are validated on Waters UPLC_MS/MS systems and include:

  • AbsoluteIDQ® p180 Kit − Your 1st Choice for Comprehensive Metabolic Biomarker Research
  • Biocrates Bile Acids Kit – The World’s First Standardized LC-MS Bile Acids Kit, for use With Human and Rodent Samples.


SONAR™ – the new acquisition mode for your Omics discovery research

For busy laboratories that need to qualitatively identify metabolites, lipids and proteins in complex samples and extract high resolution quantitative information from a single injection, SONAR delivers with a new acquisition mode that collects MS/MS results from a Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) experiment.

Choose SONAR for improved laboratory efficiency with increased confidence in your results.
Stop Looking. Start Seeing.

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Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging

A potent tool for the discovery and measurement of cancer biomarkers in cells and tissues.

By integrating MALDI,™ DESI, and ion mobility mass spectrometry techniques and informatics workflows into a single system, Waters Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging systems provide a level of detail and molecular information that exceeds what is available from any single individual imaging technique.

  • Discover, identify, and measure a broad range of molecular targets
  • Perform label free imaging studies without specialized probes
  • Extract the maximum amount of information from a single sample
  • Definitively and objectively interpret molecular distribution information

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Enhanced MS with the Turn of a Key

Access significant advantages for protein quantitation over immunoassays and traditional nano-flow or chip based LC-MS systems with Waters’ ionKey/MS. Biomarker translation requires both high-throughput assays as well as high sensitivity and resolution. Waters’ ionKey/MS System offers unique strengths to address the quantification needs for proteins and metabolites.

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Clinical Diagnostics Product Highlights


LC-MS/MS medical devices for the clinical laboratory

High performance from a compact design with robust, reliable, and reproducible quantitative data for the clinical laboratory. With this newest Waters IVD medical device  offering, clinical laboratories now have access to the selectivity, analytical sensitivity, and versatility of LC-MS/MS analysis not seen using traditional techniques.

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