MSACL Workshops

Wednesday, January 25th

8:00 AM – 8:45 AM

Location: Madera Room

Low-Flow Immunoaffinity Mass Spectrometry for the Masses and Implications for Biomedical Research

Michael Lassman, Principal Scientist
Merck Research Laboratories

Only 4-5 years ago, neither low-flow mass spectrometry, nor immunoaffinity mass spectrometry (IA-LC/MS) could be considered routine platforms. These techniques, championed by specialized laboratories were only applied within a small number of academic research groups. High sensitivity platforms such as nanoflow mass spectrometry which measured proteins and peptides in in vitro cell lines, could not be easily incorporated into translational or clinical research. Leap forward half a decade, and IA-LC/MS is not simple, but is applied in many academic, research and government laboratories, allowing specific and robust quantitation of proteins and peptides in complex matrices that could only be measured previously using immunoassays. The value of IA-LC/MS in biomedical research will be explored as will implications on how IA-LC/MS may enable improved clinical research.

Thursday, January 26th

1:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Location: Madera Room

Matrix Effects and Matrix Affects: The Impact of Different Sample Matrices on Sample Preparation and Chromatographic Analysis

Jonathan Danaceau, Ph.D., Principal Applications Chemist
Waters Corporation, Milford, MA


This seminar will discuss many challenges that analysts face when working with a variety of complex sample matrices. The analysis of three sample compounds will be described with an emphasis on how the sample pre-treatment, SPE protocols and chromatographic methods must change depending on the sample matrix. Four different sample matrices will be used including urine, whole blood, plasma and oral fluids.  Suggestions will also be provided for analytical or research method developers concerned with these types of matrices.